Al Forno Ferruzza Pizzeria at 2738 NE Alberta St. Is CLOSED .

On a cold/ freezing  Friday night, Feb. 8, 2014, a water pipe bursted in the second floor, causing excessive water damages / flooding of our restaurant, down below. Electric Power was turned off to avoid risk of electrocution and/or fire damages.  The landlord  wasn’t able to attend to the problems for a few days. Hence excessive mold buildup has  rendered the building unsafe for our workers and customers.

Therefore , Al Forno Ferruzza’s Pizzeria at 2738 NEAlberta St. will be closed until  we find a suitable relocation.

The Ferruzza family and our loyal staff thanks you, our  customers, for  your patronage for the last 5 years and hope  that you will  continue to bless us with your patronage in our future location

 Antipasti (appetizers)

A sampling of our house cured Castelvetrano Sicilian sweet green olives, roasted Italian black olives, our rustic bread, and house made San Marzano sauce
half$4  full$7

Artisan cheese served with our house   cured olive mix, rustic Sicilian bread, and house made  San Marzano  red sauce
half$7  full$12

House cured olive mix, marinated artichoke hearts, herb infused sun-dried tomatoes, fired roasted red peppers, Spanish Basque peppers, and hot chili peppers. Served with rustic bread and Oregon olive oil
half$6  full$11

Con Carne
House made Italian sausage, Salami, prosciutto,  served with artisan cheeses, rustic bread,Oregon  virgin olive oil, house cured olives and red sauce
half$7   full$13

Bread Sticks 
garlic herb bread sticks served with house made San Marzano red sauce
half$4  full$8

Insalata (salad) 

Wild Garden salad with organic mixed greens, sheep milk feta cheese, herb-infused sun dried tomatoes, caper berries, fire roasted Florina peppers, Sesame or hemp seeds, served with rustic bread and a side of our house made wood fired maple Vinegrette
side$4.50 small$7  family$15

Wine cured salamis, capacola ham, soppressata with the Verde Salad
side$6  small$9  family$16

Wild Alaskan smoked salmon with Sicilian anchovies and Verde salad
side$6  small$9  family$16


Classico $9
Fire roasted Florina red peppers, carmelized Wala  Walla sweet onions, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese

Carne $10
Handmade sausage, soppressata, sweet onions, fire roasted Florina peppers, and mozzarella cheese

Verdura $9.50
Fresh greens, herb-infused sun-dried tomatoes, sweet onions, fire roasted Florina peppers, sheep milk feta and mozzarella

Mare $10
Anchovies, wild clams, caper berries, white sauce, Sicilian oregano, and mozzarella cheese

Scarpetta “the sicilian slipper”
Veggie, Carne, Vegan $12

A mix of todays ingredients made into an open faced baked sandwich, served with a side of red sauce

Calzone $9
Ricotta, fresh mozzarella cheese with your choice of any two regular ingredients

Thin crust Sicilian style

Thin crusted Sicilian pizza made with our original al Forno Ferruzza San Marzano tomato house sauce, or our Sicilian oregano white sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, parmigiano cheese, and fresh basil

Whole leaf basil and mozzarella
small$7  medium$14  large$19  family$25  party$30

2.Bella Siciliana
Siciliana Mortadella, Fire roasted red peppers, Arugula
small$10.75  medium$20.75  large$27.75   family$35.75  party$42.75

Roasted black olives, sheep milk feta and Walla Walla sweet onions
small$10 medium$18.25  large$25  family$32.5  party$39

Hand made Italian sausage (free range and nitrate free) and caper berries
small$9.75  medium$19.75  large$25.75  family$33.25  party$39.75

5.Quattro Stagioni
prosciutto, arugula, tomatoes. hand cut mush
small$11.75  medium$23.75  large$30.25  family$40.75  party$45.75

Hand-made Italian sausage, garlic and tomatoes
small$10.75  medium$19.25  large$27.75  family$33.25  party$42.75

House made San Marzano red sauce and parmigiano cheese (No Mozzarella cheese)
small$7  medium$14  large$19  family$25  party$30

8.Pazza Pizza
Hot chili peppers and Capicola
small$9.75  medium$19.25  large$25.75  family$33.25  party$39.75

9.White Clam
Sicilian oregano, garlic white sauce, wild clams, and parmigiano cheese
small$10  medium$19.25  large$25  family$33.50  party$39

10.Primi Vera
Mushrooms, ricotta, onions, and artichoke
small$10 medium$19.25  large$25  family$33.50 party$39

11.Bianca Neve
Pesto sauce, mushrooms, onions, artichokes, and fresh tomatoes
small$10  medium$18.50  large$25  family$33.50  party$39

Hot calabrese peppered/ chili peppers, and ricotta
small$10  medium$18.50  large$25  family$33.50  party$39

13.Gluten Free
House made gluten free dough
one size only$12  additional toppings$2

Your choice of one toppings and DAIYA
VEGAN cheese
small$11.75  medium$20.75  large$27.75  family$35.75  party$42.75

Make your own pizza from  our list of ingredients:
Regular Toppings
Caramelized WallaWalla sweet onions, fire roasted red peppers, herb infused sun-dried tomatoes, roasted black Italian olives, fresh hand cut mushrooms, caper berries, hot chili peppers, garlic

Special Toppings
Handmade Italian sausage,Pepperoni, Mortadella, Capicola, Prosciutto, Soppressata, Salami, Anchovies, Wild Clams,Willamette Valley Ricotta, Feta cheese, Daiya Vegan Cheese, local Vegan sausage, Truffle Olive Oil, fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts, arugula

Small 12″ $7 Regular toppings $1.00  Specialty Toppings $1.75
Medium 16″ $14 Regular toppings $1.50  Specialty Toppings $2.25
Large 18″ $19 Regular toppings $2.00  Specialty Toppings $2.75
Family 20″ $25 Regular toppings $2.50  Specialty Toppings $3.25
Party 25″ $30 Regular toppings $3.00  Specialty Toppings $3.75

Pizza Slices  $3 for cheese only add $.25 for each regular topping and $.50 per special topping.

Dolci (Dessert)

Traditional sweet ricotta cream made with our wood fired Maple syrup, coated with the following choices: chocolate chips, Oregon hazelnut, toasted almond or, Pistachio nut
small$2.50 each or six for$12   regular$5 or six for$25

Dairy Free Coconut ICE CREAM topped with NY Maple Syrup
Flavors: Vanilla, Cappuccino, Cherry Amaretto

San Pellegrino Limonata, Oranciata , Grapefruit, Rosso $2.00
Coca Cola imported from Mexico, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale $2.50
Sparkling Natural Mineral Water $2.50
Juice drinks Orange, etc.) $2.50
Burdock/Dandelion Soda $3.00
Coffee -freshly grounded, French pressed $2.50 one free refill
Tea (hot) -organic green tea, or herbal caffeine free herbal $2.50
See our list of micro brewery Bottled Beers and our selection of beer on Tap
Micro brewery 12oz bottle $4.00
Beer on Tap $4.75
Pitcher $15.00
Take out only
6 pack of 12 oz bottles $10.00
4 pack of 22 oz bottles $20.00
House White & Red
glass $6.00  1/2 carafe $8.50  Full carafe $15.00
Mead wine
glass $6.00 bottle $26.00
After dinner wines
(Port or  Sherry)  glass $6.00
Maschio Prosecco white peach, orange blossoms,
lemon zest $7
Whites & Reds -See our list sold by the glass or bottle

Elixirs  Pure Jun  5 oz $5     Jun & Tonic 10 oz $6    Alcoholic 10 oz $8
A herbal tea infused with a wood fired maple syrup, fermented with a jun enzyme ala kombucha, with a spitzer of carbonated lemon zest, plus white wine. Our elixirs are intended to aid the user, with heart opening, calming, vitality, vigor, detoxification, and happiness

Products available to purchase (retailed): ask for availability & Price

Bread (rolls, loaves, Bagels)
Maple Syrup–Small Bottle –$10  wine bottle size—$28
Beer (sold for take out)

12 oz $6 pack $10.00
22 oz $4 pack $20.00
al Forno Ferruzza’s San Marzano Marinara sauce -5/qt
Cheese parmeggiano, Sheep Feta, ricotta fresh, salata, mozzarella
Extra Virgin Olive Oil -32/gal
Pomace -22/gal
Balsamic Vinegar -10/250 ml
Olives: Castelvetrano, Dry roasted black, Green crushed) -6/pt
Caper Berries -20/64 oz. btl.-18
Fire roasted red pepper-6/pt. container-5
Hot Peppers (cherry, basque, green/red banana) –8/pt

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  1. Lisa

    I was just preparing to meet my sweetie for some pie and found this out. How sad!! Hope you find your new home soon.

  2. A person necessarily assist to make critically posts I’d state.
    That is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now?
    I amazed with the analysis you made to create this particular publish extraordinary.

    Fantastic activity!

  3. Charlie Williamson - Rose City Bluegrass Band

    We are very sorry to learn of your closing down. We wish you and your great staff the best of luck in getting reestablished. We had a lot of fun playing music for you and enjoying the great food and drink. Thank you. The Rose City Bluegrass Band

  4. I am crying real tears and missing your delicious pizzas, stromboli canoli and more! I will miss the beloved paintings on your walls and the delicate fabrics that adorned your ceilings like colorful clouds. My husband and I have lived quite close to your ex location for years and have watched many business’s come and go. We always thought that location might have been haunted or cursed and hopes it was over when Alforno arrived. We will miss you for the time being but we can not wait for your new location to open up and will be there with rings on our fingers and bells on our toes. Haven’t had a slice so good since 2 boots pizza in NYC.

  5. The Neighborhood is not the same without you. At least Pablo’s art remains. It promises us that the Ferruzzas are just taking a little break and will be back soon. I don’t want to believe otherwise.

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